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Improve your department's effectiveness

Could your department be even better?All fires go out eventually. The question is, are you satisfied with how well your members are putting them out? Let's face it, all fire departments can be better at their job. There are countless ways we can accomplish our mission safer and more effectively. Often, all your fire department needs is the right training. By providing the right training, to the right people, at the right time your effectiveness will improve. Better-trained members are safer and less prone to injury. Good training motivates your members and you will find that turnover and apathy are less prevalent. Members feel proud of themselves and their fire department when they are confident in their abilities. We can help you meet these goals.

Training provided at your location

We provide a variety of training courses for fire personnel of all levels. Classes are taught by instructors with real world experience who know how to motivate and involve students. In addition to courses that apply generically to all fire departments, we can develop or customize training for your specific needs. We teach classes in Strategy and Tactics, Rapid Intervention, Engine and Truck company operations, Hazardous Materials, and EMS. We can tailor presentations to your specific needs and time frames.

Customized training program design

We provide expert training assistanceOften fire departments have personnel and facilities to deliver classes but need expert assistance in developing the training material. Experience has shown that program design can take 10 times longer then the actual delivery of the class itself. In other words, a 40-hour class on new SCBA could take 400 hours or more to develop. Many fire departments just don't have that amount of time available. Without spending the proper time to design a class your training could fall short of the mark. We design classes that meet your objectives, in your time frame, and provide you with instructional material that your members can use.

The training officer's helper

Many fire departments have a training officer or division assigned and just need a helping hand to get more out of their training programs. We can provide needs assessment, program evaluation and quality assurance for your training. Many departments provide training. Is your training doing what you intend? We can help answer that question with our training consultants.

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